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We offer Salary loans, Top ups, and Buy offs to all Civil servants in Uganda. Employees maybe from Local government & Municipal councils, Ministries, Uganda Police, Prisons, Courts of Law, Public Universities, Referral hospitals and many more.Our Civil servant loans are designed to support our customers by providing quick and easily accessible funds for personal, business or emergency expenses.


  1. Recent passport photo.
  2. Current pay slip (original) OR copies of last 2 month’s pay slips.
  3. Bank statement showing the 3 most recent salary deposits.
  4. Contact phone number fully registered.
  5. Copy of your appointment/confirmation letter.
  6. Letter of undertaking from employer

Terms and Amounts

We offer different salary loans ranging from Ugx 100,000/= to Ugx 30,000,000/= and our loan terms range from 3 months to 96 months.