Masaka Client Forum

Premier Credit Limited values financial inclusion as a key agenda of its CSR responsibilities and roles to its clients. To achieve financial inclusion, education is one of the first steps that the organization has taken to not only encourage innovation among its shareholders including staff and clients but also to build financial capability and independence. Premier Credit Limited is not only focused on providing financial solutions to corporates, government , and individual entrepreneurs. We continue to leverage on the strong relationships built with our customers to understand their needs and develop products that suit them including investing in digital financial inclusion.

To achieve this, the company organized a client forum in Masaka Branch on the 11th-June-2022 for both its microfinance and government payroll clients. In addition, there was 30 company staff from the Masaka branch and the head office who attended. There were also a further 111 guests, comprising clients, local council leaders, and signatories under Government Payroll (CFO of Bukomansimbi, PHRO of Lwengo, HR of Masaka District, and PHRO of Masaka City.

Part of the training included aspects around, bookkeeping; when and why to borrow; benefits of good repayments; consequences of loan default; principles of client protection; environmental, social, and governance, and payment modes. Clients shared their experiences, and challenges and appreciated the organization for the support and always being available when needed.

Premier Credit Limited will continue to be committed to its clients and society through its core business by enhancing financial inclusion (broadening financial services to those that have no access), financial education, and financial success.

The forum was great, If I rate it I would give it a strong 85%. We were treated well, there was food, refreshments, and music. There were also gifts, I personally got an umbrella. I learned a lot about bookkeeping, client protection, and payment modes. I’m very appreciative of Premier Limited and the support they have been giving us including fast delivery service, they are lenient when it comes to arrears and I love that the interest rates are lower compared to other financial institutions. I also loved that during the pandemic and during collection, they have been very understanding and the officers talked to us calmly, we did not feel harassed at all,

says Mawanda Emmanuel, who has been a Premiers Credit client since 2015 and who attended the forum

Masaka Client Forum

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